5 K-Pop Groups Who Seemingly Were Forced To Disband Due To Their Companies

It’s sad what happened to these groups.

K-Pop companies can be quite shady, as plenty of idols have gone to file lawsuits against their companies. Some K-Pop companies show no remorse, as they have no problem breaking the hearts of fans, as a few K-Pop groups have disbanded due to their companies. Here are a few K-Pop groups who seemingly were forced to disband due to their companies.

1. X1

X1 ended up disbanding 5 months after their debut. The group faced many controversies due to the votes of Produce X 101 being rigged.

The decision to disband X1 was one that was made by the respective companies of the members. The respective companies had a meeting regarding X1’s future, and it was decided that the group would disband if all the companies couldn’t come to a unanimous decision. All the companies voted on the direction they wanted X1 to go in. The final result was 4 votes in favor of continuing X1, 4 votes to disband X1, and 1 invalid vote. This caused X1 to ultimately disband.

Another heartbreaking detail is that the X1 members wanted to attend this meeting to let the companies know how they felt about the situation, but their request was rejected.

2. 4Minute

In 2016, it was reported that 4Minute disbanded due to the members having different opinions regarding their futures.

However, an entertainment expert soon came out and revealed different details. He explained that 4Minute disbanded simply due to Cube Entertainment no longer viewing them as a profitable group.

3. B.A.P

TS Entertainment seemingly ruined B.A.P with their constant mistreatment of them. The group once even filed a lawsuit against the company due to the mistreatment.

All the members eventually left the company, and the group ultimately disbanded. Several members have come out and expressed their frustration with the company and how they were treated.

4. Stellar

Stellar had originally debuted with cute concept songs but were forced to switch to sexy and provocative songs due to their company.

The members were also forced to shoot provocative scenes for their music videos by their company, which the members didn’t approve of. This treatment led all the members to eventually leave the company, and the group ultimately disbanded.


SECRET is another group that has filed lawsuits against TS Entertainment. Many of the members have filed lawsuits against the company due to reasons like unreceived payments. The members eventually left the company due to how they were treated, and SECRET ultimately disbanded.

Bonus: Triple H

Triple H was a group comprised of HyunA, Dawn, and Hui (PENTAGON). In 2018, rumors were circulating that Dawn and HyunA were in a relationship, but Cube Entertainment denied the rumors. HyunA and Dawn then announced that they were dating.

This caused Cube Entertainment to terminate both of their contracts, as they felt that they couldn’t maintain trust with each other anymore. With Hui being the only member left at Cube Entertainment, many have assumed that Triple H disbanded.