Entertainment Expert Reveals The Painful Truth Behind “4MINUTE”s Forced Disbanding

Recently an article by Sports World a respected Korean media featured the news of 4MINUTE‘s disbanding in their [★BEHIND] section. This article discussed the truth behind their disbandment.

The article states that iHQ was the reason behind the disbandment of 4MINUTE.

The reporter, states, “The answer to the question of why 4MINUTE disbanded lies with iHQ. In 2013, 50% CUBE Ent was bought out by iHQ at 16.5 Billion won and the final decision in all things lay with CUBE.”

The article goes on to state that with the recent failures of 4MINUTE’s albums 4MINUTE was seen by iHQ as a non-profitable group and as profit took priority over music, became an “unnecessary” group to CUBE.

Hyuna who was successful as a solo artist was able to resign but the rest were abandoned.

The members, according to this reporter, wished to resign with the company but no one could help them. CEO Hong who discovered 4MINUTE loved 4MINUTE as his own and CUBE suffered great pain through this incident.

Many entertainment personnel stated, “If this was CUBE run by CEO Hong, a different outcome would have been reached..”

Source: Sports World, Instiz