5 K-Pop Idols Who Can’t Cook To Save Their Lives

Keep them away from the kitchen for world peace.

When it comes to cooking up a storm in our hearts, K-Pop idols are more than well-equipped to handle the job. But unfortunately, not all of them are equally good when it comes to the actual activity of cooking.

While they mastered many talents and skills during their trainee days up until now, these 5 K-Pop idols can never seem to reconcile the beef they have with cooking an edible dish:

1. RM from BTS

Honestly, there are way too many instances out there to pick one and point out why BTS’s leader is the first name on the list. From cutting an onion upside down to trying to chop vegetables with the knife’s cover still on, the sagas of Kim Namjoon, aka RM in the kitchen are enough to fill a short story collection.

There’s something wildly fascinating about seeing such a level-headed individual lose his sh*t over a bowl of instant ramen.

2. Hongjoong from ATEEZ

Probably the entirety of ATEEZ could be on the list if it weren’t forย Wooyoung and his general interest in cooking. But Hongjoong deserved a special shoutout thanks to his waffles from hell. Admittedly, waffles are not the easiest thing to cook for a newbie, but pretty sure everyone knows the batter isn’t supposed to spill from the iron like that.

Don’t worry, Hongjoong, ATINYs still love you, waffle or no waffle.

3. Vernon from SEVENTEEN

Any Carat who has watched SEVENTEEN’sย Battle of Burgers will vouch for the validity of Vernon being on this list. During the show, Vernon was in charge of making a burger. But as soon as the cooking phase started, he lost his recipe, had to ask for help from Joshua, who was supposed to judge the entire competition and then left his burger patties in the pan, with the flames still going while he got busy eating a pineapple. When he remembered to flip them finally, the patties had already gone to their graves.

You would think Vernon made these burgers Face The Sunย for far too long.

4. LISA from Blackpink

In an honest confession from the lady herself, LISA admitted that her cooking skills are pretty much non-existent. Though her BLACKPINK co-members Jisoo and Jennie know how to make a few dishes here and there, the overall cooking expertise in the group is, as Jisoo described her Tanghulu, “Not so bad but not so good.”

5. Seeun from STAYC

Making pancakes is admittedly harder than it looks. But the way Seeun failed at the job not once but twice was too epic not to include her in this list. While trying to make savory potato pancakes, everything went well for her until she had to flip them. In her first attempt, the pancake split into several mini pancakes. The second time, it was completely burnt!

Can someone get her away from the stoveย ASAP please.

Given how these idols are extremely talented and skilled as musicians and performers, one could argue their horrible kitchen skills are just God’s way of restoring balance in the universe.