These 5 K-Pop Idols Just Can’t Seem To Find Their AirPods

Each pair is a $200 loss! 🥲

Seeing as K-Pop idols have jam-packed schedules and are constantly on the move, it only makes sense that they misplace a few things every once in a while! Still, to the average person, losing a set of AirPods would be quite painful, never mind multiple pairs!

So, let’s take a look at why these four K-Pop idols just can’t seem to keep their hands on their AirPods:

1. BTS’s RM

It’s a famous meme among ARMYs that BTS‘s RM cannot catch a break when it comes to his AirPods. Back in 2019, he revealed to fans that he was already on his 34th pair, meaning 33 had already gone missing! Now that it’s 2021, we wonder how many more could possibly have been added to the list.

2. ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

It seems to be a running theme that K-Pop rappers who are also leaders tend to be a bit forgetful, as ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong also has a problem keeping track of his AirPods. Earlier this year, he told ATINYs that he was currently on his fifth pair, and held up his Bluetooth screen as proof!

3. Stray Kids’ Han

On July 29, Stray KidsHan went onto Bubble and explained to Stays how happy he was that he finally found his AirPods… the pair he had lost multiple months ago. Apparently the rapper hadn’t cleaned out his closet in a while, and somehow the AirPods found their way inside! He then celebrated the fact that he can finally listen to music while charging his phone again.

I was cleaning my closet for the first time in a while, and I found the AirPods I lost a few months ago. I can finally listen to music while charging my phone! Truly one of the small, good things in life.

– Han

4. NCT’s Jaehyun

During a livestream, NCT‘s Jaehyun talked about how he has owned three pairs of AirPods, aptly named J, JJ, then JJJ! Unlike the other idols on this list, Jaehyun decided to get rid of this problem for good by switching over to the giant AirPods Max headphones.

5. ENHYPEN’s Jake

ENHYPEN‘s Jake may be relatively new to HYBE, but he already seems to be following in the footsteps of labelmate RM. During a recent “In My Bag” challenge on the group’s YouTube channel, Jake held up his AirPod Pro case before laughing about how he loses them on a regular basis! In fact, he had misplaced them only one day before, and Jay saw them in the HYBE lost and found center!

Jake: I’ve got AirPods Pro here. I lose them on a regular basis.

Jay: It was in HYBE’s lost and found center!

Jake: Right.

Heeseung: Really?!

Jake: Yes, it was! (laughs) Every time I find it again, we get a step closer to each other.

Jake and Jay during ENHYPEN’s “IN MY BAG” | ENHYPEN/YouTube

What do you think about these AirPods casualties?

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