BTS’s RM Revealed He Lost 30+ AirPods So Far, Now ARMYs Are Freaking Out

One AirPod alone costs at least $150 USD.

BTS‘s RM went on an online broadcast entitled “It’s been forever” last December 15. Besides revealing his “everyday voice” to ARMYs, he also read their comments aloud and shared anecdotes about his life.


One of the stand-out stories of the broadcast was when RM revealed just how many Apple AirPods he has misplaced so far.


A fan commented on the broadcast, “I lost my AirPods” to which RM immediately started clapping and explaining why they can be friends: “I am not alone.”


As AirPods have no string attachment, it easily falls off the user’s ears, something RM explained is not new to him.

Ahh, AirPods. Since this is my 34th pair, I guess I bought them 33 times?


The staggering number of AirPods that he has lost surprised ARMYs all over the world.

Fans calculated that RM must have spent a minimum of $5000 USD and a maximum of almost $7000 USD as each AirPod retails for at least $159 USD.

ARMYs were shocked, to say the least. It was a clear visual of just how much money the BTS member has on hand.

They began to comically suggest ways he can stop misplacing his things.

RM did not seem to mind, finding the whole situation amusing as he burst out laughing while telling his story.

Source: Online Broadcast