BTS’s RM Reveals His “Everyday Voice” And It’s Even Sexier Than His “Work Voice”

We want an ASMR channel, NOW!

In his latest live broadcast, BTS‘s RM revealed that he actually uses different voices for when he’s in front of the camera vs. when he isn’t. And while his “work voice” is plenty sexy enough…


… what he revealed to be his “everyday voice” might leave you thirsty for an ASMR channel! He shared that when he has to speak to a large audience, he uses a higher pitch and a louder volume for better delivery…

For more formal occasions… or when I’m in front of a larger audience, like when I’m giving a statement or something, or at concerts even, I sound like this. But this is not my given tone.

— RM


… but when he is communicating in day to day situations, he uses his natural, mid-to-low range and softer tone of voice.

This is how I usually sound though. But I feel like when I speak in this tone, the delivery isn’t clear enough. This is less stressful for my throat, but…

— RM


He added that his English-speaking voice is actually closer to his daily voice. RM pointed out that he is constantly thinking about which tone of voice he should be using…

I think when I speak in English though, I sound more like my natural self. It might be because English is a second language for me. But I can use my normal voice and it still delivers… Kind of? I don’t know. My tone of voice is something that I’m constantly thinking about and working on, because after all I am someone who sings and records and uses my voice to deliver messages.

— RM


… but the thing is, ARMYs wouldn’t mind whatever the tone of voice. All ranges of RM, from high to low, are very much appreciated. They won’t deny though — Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to hear the daily-RM version every now and then too!

Check out how different he sounds here: