5 K-Pop Lightsticks That Were Modeled In The Image Of A Weapon

These designs are every unique!

There are so many perks to being a fan, and one of them are the innovative lightsticks that bring fans and their idols closer! From Candy Bongs (TWICE) to Carat Bongs (SEVENTEEN), the amount of ingenious lightsick designs are abundant! Here are 5 K-Pop lightsicks that are unique in a very special way, i.e., they were modeled in the image of various weapons!


1) BTS- ARMY Bomb

BTS‘s lightstick is very fitting for the group! The lightstick is the perfect addition to BTS and the ARMY fandom, tying their themes and concepts very well together!


2) Cherry Bullet- Red Gun-Shaped Lighstick

Recently, Cherry Bullet announced the release of their official lightstick, which is in the shape of a gun! The lightstick stays true to their group name, and fans are loving the innovative light sick design!


3) BLACKPINK’s Hammer Bong

Nicknamed the Bl-Pink-Bbyong (블핑뿅, BLACPINK Bbyongmangchi / squeaky hammer), BLACKPINK‘s hammer masterpiece was designed by the members themselves! The fans have grown to adore this lighstick, because of its unique weapons design!


4) iKON’s “Konbat”

iKON debuted their long, baseball bat shaped lightstick in 2015, and fans have been loving the unique design and have embraced it as an essential part of their fandom!


5) SHINee’s First Original “Shabat”

Before SHINee released their first official lightstick in 2018, fans would use long, regular lighsticks that would light up in the official pearl aqua color of the group. Shawols ultimately named them “Shabats”, referencing their long form, and also likened it to a light saber!


Which is your favorite weapons-themed lightstick?