5 K-Pop Songs That Netizens Were Convinced Would Change The Game But Didn’t

These songs could have been game changers.

Have you ever heard a K-Pop song that you thought was the next big thing but nothing came out of it? According to netizens on Reddit, these five songs should have changed the game, but they didn’t get the recognition they deserved.

1. “COOL” by Weki Meki

Fans seem to agree that they thought “COOL” would take Weki Meki to the next level. Unfortunately, the amount of traction the group got from the song didn’t quite reach the heights fans felt it deserved.

2. “Apple” by GFRIEND

Netizens think “Apple” should have given GFRIEND the spotlight they deserved and were sad when it didn’t. Fans were shocked that such a beautiful song didn’t do as well as they’d hoped.

3. “My First and Last” by NCT DREAM

One Redditor feels that “My First and Last” has that “nostalgic instant classic sound” and was surprised when it didn’t get bigger than it did. They believe that NCT DREAM deserves more recognition. Another netizen can’t believe it wasn’t a huge hit.

4. “BEcause” by Dreamcatcher

Though netizens agree that there are more than one Dreamcatcher song that deserves to be on this list, they believe that they thought more people would be attracted to the theme of “BEcause.” Fans are still upset that the general public is “sleeping on them.”

5. “Love Bomb” by fromis_9

It’s been mentioned before, but netizens still can’t believe that fromis_9‘s “Love Bomb” didn’t receive any wins. It was so impressive, that it even was the reason some fans became interested in K-Pop at all.

Do you think these songs deserved more recognition?

Source: Reddit