5 Most Legendary Performances From All Seasons Of “K-Pop Star” Auditions

The greatest discoveries of K-Pop!

K-Pop Star remains one of the first TV audition programs to have swept Korean viewers off their feet, with shockingly refreshing new talent. Throughout the show’s 6 seasons, it discovered performers with great potentials. Some have debuted and made real K-Pop stars out of themselves, while others have signed their ways into different entertainment agencies. Regardless, all contestants received love and support from the viewers. Here are 5 top performances from all seasons of K-Pop Star that still remain the most legendary.


1. Lee Hi’s “Mercy”

In the very first season of K-Pop Star, vocalist Lee Hi stunned the judges and the viewers with a unique jazzy voice previously unheard of in the industry. K-Pop fans love her “Mercy” performance for its raw-and-natural vibe. Lee Hi lost the season to a fellow vocalist Park Jimin, but signed traineeship with YG Entertainment after the show’s finale. By the end of 2019, Lee Hi left YG where she debuted in 2012.


2. AKMU’s “Don’t Cross Your Legs”

In the second season of the show, the young sibling-duo AKMU drove viewers into a frenzy with their catchy originals. Their “Don’t Cross Your Leg” became one of 2012’s most popular songs — thanks to its humorous lyrics and easy-to-sing-along melody. AKMU won the season and signed with YG Entertainment, where they debuted in 2014.


3. Kwon Jin Ah’s “See Through”

In the third season of the show, vocalist Kwon Jin Ah re-created Primary‘s “See Through” in a fascinating acoustic version and completely charmed the viewers. In fact, she made it sound so natural that, at the time, viewers who didn’t know about the original track believed the song to be Kwon Jin Ah’s own. Though Kwon Jin Ah was eliminated in the semi-finals, she ended up signing with Antenna Entertainment where she debuted in 2016.


4. Jung Seung Hwan’s “Want To Fall In Love”

In the fourth season of the show, vocalist Jung Seung Hwan broke a million hearts with the most melancholic performance of Kim Jo Han‘s “Want To Fall In Love”. Judge Yoo Hee Yeol praised Jung Seung Hwan’s ability to pour his heart out into a song by commenting that he is the first male contestant to have satisfied all three judges. He lost the season to vocalist Katie Kim, but Antenna Entertainment snatched him away and led him to his debut in 2016.


5. Boyfriend’s “Boys And Girls”

In the sixth and last  season of K-Pop Star, this hipster duo by the temporary name of Boyfriend had Korea simply shook. Mesmerized by the pure amount of potential and passion coming from such young boys, the season ended up crowning Park Hyun Jin and Kim Jong Seob as the show’s youngest winners. After the show’s finale, Kim Jong Seob signed with YG Entertainment, appeared on YG’s Treasure Box, got eliminated, then left the agency shortly after. On the other hand, Park Hyun Jin signed with Starship Entertainment where he continues to pursue his K-Pop dreams. Viewers can’t wait to see what greatness will come from these two idols-in-the-making.