5 Lesser Known MAMAMOO Collaborations That The World Needs To Listen To

Who knew they worked with so many industry big names?

MAMAMOO has always gifted their fans with unexpected collaborations. In fact, a few days ago, it was announced that the group’s maknae Hwasa will be reuniting with Loco for their second collaboration project. Given the massive success of their first collaboration song, “Don’t,” fans are visibly excited to see what new sounds these two can bring on board.

| @mamamoo_official/Instagram

Until the new song drops, prepare yourself while listening to 5 of the most underrated MAMAMOO collaboration tracks that will take your playlist to the elite level:

1. “4:44″— Park Bom ft Wheein

Park Bom released this track as a part of her 2019 album re:Blue Rose. This was a very special collaboration for Wheein, since she has been a fan of the singer for a long time. After the song’s release, Wheein wrote on her Instagram— “I featured in a song by Park Bom, who was both my first and last idol when I was young. I don’t know how to describe this feeling in words.”

2. “HookGA”— High4 20 ft Hwasa

This song came out in 2016. Hwasa collaborated with HIGH4 20, a subunit of the boy group HIGH4 on this track. If you are someone who wishes to hear Hwasa rap more, this song is your jam!

3. “Star” — Kim Minjae ft Solar

This track was an OST from the K-Drama called Second 20s. Released in 2015, this was one of the earliest collaboration as well as OST projects by Solar after debuting.

4. “Happy Now” — HA:TFELT ft. Moonbyul

Released in 2019, this HA:TFELT song has a pretty amazing behind story. In a now-deleted Instagram post, HA:TFELT revealed a text message from her ex-boyfriend that was the inspiration behind this track. The song talks about the lack of sincerity in relationships. Moonbyul’s lyrics are especially noteworthy when she goes — “Why should I adjust to your tastes?/ I’ll pay for my own food/ It’s a waste of emotions, pressing snooze all day.”

5. “Peppermint Chocolate” — K.will, MAMAMOO, ft. Whee Sung

This was a pre-debut collaboration project of MAMAMOO with K.will and Whee Sung. Released in 2014, this was their second pre-release single after “Don’t Be Happy” with Bumkey.

When it comes to musicality, MAMAMOO’s range is impeccable, and these collaborations stand proof of it!