5 Lyrics By BTS’s RM That Are Too Sexy For ARMYs To Handle

No, it’s not just “Expensive Girl.”

BTS‘s RM is all ready to make ARMYs’ heart race with his new feature on Balming Tiger’s song “Sexy Nukim.” The short teaser of the music video already has fans holding onto their sanity for dear life, trying to anticipate how RM would sound on such a sensual song.

Well, if you are trying to prepare yourself for the song, here are 5 of his sexiest lyrics that can give you some idea of what might be coming your way:

1. “Buckubucku (Feat. EE, RM of BTS, Dino-J)” by MFBTY

RM featured on this song with the legendary hip-hop crew of Tiger JK, called MFBTY. He had some 40 seconds on the song but managed to cause utter chaos with his lyrics and delivery. The wildest part of the verse is these lines- “My size is bigger than the real estate mister/ My lady, don’t go anywhere, look at me/ I’m not there yet, don’t come, it’s not the right time.”

2. “ProMeTheUs(Feat. Dok2, Juvie Train, Double K, RM, Topbob, Don Mills)” by Yankie

This 2015 track should be put in some sort of a museum because it’s not every day you get to hear RM say- “Bastard, this is the cocktail bar that RM has laid out/ You’ll drink them as I give them/ Please subdue my flame, after just taking out my fire/ ‘Ah, oppa, I like it, please hit me a little more’.

3. “Monster” by RM

21-year-old RM was something else, roasting his haters saying, “Your crush is getting bigger bit by bit, just like KaTalk/ You’ll get totally drenched, so bring another pair of panties.” These lines alone had people voluntarily signing up to get on his bad side.

4. “All Night” by BTS & Juice WRLD

This entire song is full of so many suggestive lyrics that it’s hard to pinpoint one. But there’s no denying that RM saying these lines in his deep voice still has a different hold on ARMYs- “We keep ridin’/ The whole night/ Hold on tight.”

Are we absolutely sure this is only about his passion for making music?

5. “Trouble” by RM & Jin

This pre-debut BTS track might be unfamiliar to many new ARMYs. Here is a sneak peek of the lyrics, just to give you an idea of what to expect: “I’m ready but you’re not girl/ Show me what you’ve got/ Your body hits the spot.

If RM’s new feature resembles anything on this list even to the slightest, rest assured, there will be no survivors left in the ARMY land.