These 5 Male Stars Prove That You Don’t Need To Be Tall To Be Attractive

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Height has somehow become one of the biggest deciding factors in a male’s overall “attractive-ness.” Well, here are 5 male stars who prove that you can be extremely attractive without being tall.

1. Rapper Simon Dominic

Kicking off this list of attractive men is one of our favorite rappers, Simon Dominic. He stands at exactly 170 cm tall, which is about 5’6 ft. While that may not be considered “tall” by our society’s standards, Simon Dominic proves that he doesn’t need a tall height. His husky low voice, amazing rap skills and crazy good looks prove that he doesn’t need anything else. As if that weren’t enough, he also has the highly attractive Busan dialect, which pairs insanely well with his flirty personality. All of that combined has proven fatal to our hearts.

2. Yang Yoseob (Highlight)

Coming in at number 2 is Yang Yoseob of boy group Highlight. The boy group member has very different charms from Simon Dominic, but he is another male star who proves that height truly does not matter. Yoseob also stands at 170 cm (5’6 ft), but he doesn’t need a tall height because he has his incredible voice and adorable visuals. His gentle, soft image has always been the talk of the town and he has always managed to maintain his popularity amongst female fans. Not only that, but he has an outrageously small face, which is also something netizens envy constantly.

3. Jay Park

Rapper and singer Jay Park comes in hot at number 3. The rapper stands at 171 cm (5’7 ft) which again, isn’t constituted as a tall height in today’s ridiculous beauty standards. Let’s be real though, Jay Park doesn’t need it. He has amazing proportions, which creates the illusion of him being taller than he really is. On top of that, he is known for his incredible swagger, rapping and dancing abilities. The way that he moves his body has always made fans drop their jaws time and time again. His tattoo-filled body doesn’t hurt his hotness level either.

4. Ha Sung Woon

Next up we have the charismatic “Get Ready” singer, Ha Sung Woon. The former Wanna One member is 167 cm (5’5 ft), but is another male star on this list that boasts incredible proportions. He has fooled netizens with his height due to his long legs, slim physique and small face. Ha Sung Woon is known for his amazing singing abilities, having the extreme talent of sending chills down every listener’s spine. He is also known for his good looks, which counter the need for a few extra inches in height.

5. Rapper Gray

Last, but not least we have rapper Gray. This talented rapper may only be 168 cm (5’5 ft) but again, he doesn’t need the extra height. Look at that face! Gray has made constant headlines for his handsome visuals that netizens have always compare to that of idols. He also boasts an extremely fit physique, which is more than enough to grab the attention of his adoring female fans. Not only that, but he is talented in music, having produced numerous songs for different artists such as, Zion. TCrush, Jay Park and more. With all that under his belt, he has no need for a tall height.

Source: Insight