5 Methods BTS’s Jimin Uses When Complimenting Others

He is such a sweetheart.

BTS‘s Jimin is known to be a very thoughtful person who always thinks of others before himself. He is always thinking of others and has a way of complimenting others in such a heart-warming way. Here are five different methods Jimin uses when complimenting other members.

1. He compliments people using specific numbers

By using specific numbers, he is able to give a more pronounced and visual meaning when complimenting the members.

“Wow we have 2.3M people watching us now that Jin has visited us. We’ve also hit over 100M hearts after Jin has joined us.”

“Hyung you already have over 200M hearts?


2. He compliments by using comparisons

During Magic Shop in Osaka, he answered what his worries were by comparing things that the other members were good at.

What are your worries?

I wish I was smart like RM, dance well like J-Hope, be funny like Jin, sing well like Jungkook, be wise like Suga, and take photos well like V. These are my worries!

He received a comment that read, “You are 10 years older than me but why are you so cute?” He answered, “You’re going to be cuter than me though.”

Question: Has your personality changed since debut and now? How did it change?

Jimin: This is how I look at it. I’ve become cooler than before and have become an even bigger mountain.

Jimin: But I think I am the same. I was just as nice and cool before. I was always a good person.

3. He compliments using specific events or stories

The members were talking about each others fashion.

Jimin states that every time photos of RM’s airport fashion shows up online he always receives messages from friends telling him that he dresses really well.

They received the question, “What was the most memorable moment during the Seoul concert?”

Jimin: “I think below the stage was the most touching moment for me. I know the question asks about the most memorable moment on stage but I’d like to talk about a moment off stage.”

4. He compliments by bringing up behind-the-scene stories that others wouldn’t know about

“I talked a lot with RM yesterday and I think I’ve really met a great member.”

“I asked him about the LOVE YOURSELF series and doing UNICEF and how he felt about all that.”

“He told me that as long as there is even just one person who can become better because of it that he will continue to strive and do his best.”

“I thought what he said was really amazing and touching. It really hit me heart and ever since then I’ve been able perform with good thoughts.”

“We finished recording in Korea and was on tour then. In order to record the song better, we brought over genius producers from far away for Jin.”

“To be honest, it would have been ok to go with what we recorded in Korea, but we still felt that we needed to record it again. We were able to record again with the producer because we wanted to show a better outcome for everyone. The producer came from the U.K. I believe.”

Jimin: This is how much we really wanted to show something…what’s it called?

Jin: Passion.

Jimin: That’s how much we wanted to do it.

“Yea I saw you filming diligently. We’re usually really tired after concerts and its hard to do anything after our busy schedules.”

“V worked really hard without sleeping in order to show everyone this. You will be able to see his passion and efforts through this. The song is really good.”

5. He compliments by utilizing key words

Jimin uses key words used in the members’ sentences to compliment them. In this case, it’s the word ‘perfect score’.

Suga: Isn’t this the first time getting more than a perfect score?

J-Hope: Yea we reached over 10,000 today.

Jimin: It’s because all of you are perfect!

How sweet can Jimin be? He truly is such a kind-hearted and beautiful soul.