5 Moments Where BTS’s RM Showed His Intelligence

Could you answer these questions as quickly as RM?

BTS‘s RM is quite intelligent and has been praised for his intelligence on many occasions.

He’s shown his brains on many broadcasts by his ability to solve many brain stimulating questions easily. Here are 5 moments where RM showed his genius.

1. Simple math question

RM was quick to find the answer, which shocked the cast of Problematic Men.

2. Fill in the blank

RM was also quick to answer this question, which wasn’t very surprising for the members of BTS.

3. Elementary school level question

RM figured out this question relatively quickly and explained it to the cast of Problematic Men. He begins by explaining what the number to the left and right mean.

He then starts showing how to get the actual answers to the problems.

It doesn’t take the cast very long to find the answer to the final question.

4. Iron question

RM initially struggles with this question but gets the answer once he hears a simple hint.

RM is quick to explain the answer to everyone.

5. Hat question

The rest of the BTS members weren’t too sure about the answer to this question, but RM was quick to explain the answer. RM explains that there’s no way for A to be the answer.

There’s also no possible way for B to be the answer as well.

This leaves just C and D, to which RM selects C as the correct answer.

RM goes on to explain his thought process on how he came to his answer.

How D would be able to shout out the answer if the two hats in front of him were the same color.

If D isn’t shouting out an answer, then that means D is being hesitant.

This would allow C to know his hat color when D is showing hesitation.