5 Moments In K-Pop That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Number 1 ended all fanwars.

There have been many heartwarming moments in K-Pop where idols showed off their kindness or just put an end to fanwars. Here are 5 moments in K-Pop that would put a smile on anyone’s face.

1. GOT7’s BamBam ending all fanwars

During an interview with Billboard, GOT7 got asked about their opinion on the way the K-Pop industry was influencing the world, and BamBam gave a sweet answer.

You know we do a lot of arenas, right? Some places we’re the first K-Pop group that can perform there and they get sold out, and it’s an honor.

As a K-Pop artist, I feel like another group can get some energy from us too.

K-Pop is not just gossip – we’re all family. Like, other groups, even if we’re from different companies. So we can all make K-Pop bigger so another group can come and perform here too.

— BamBam

2. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon letting Red Velvet’s Seulgi & Wendy eat

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon
Red Velvet’s Seulgi (Left) & Wendy (Right)

Taeyeon once took Seulgi and Wendy out for some ice cream, but Red Velvet’s manager was constantly watching over them. Seulgi and Wendy then showed some hesitancy when eating, possibly worried about getting scolded for not maintaining their diet.

Taeyeon then decided to “scold” Red Velvet’s manager.

They can’t breathe because of you. Eating what they want for one day shouldn’t be a problem.


3. The encore stage for PSY’s “Daddy”

When PSY’s “Daddy” won on SBS‘s Inkigayo, the encore stage was a heartwarming one, as a lot of the artists on stage danced along with PSY.

4. BLACKPINK inviting fans to their concert

| @ygent_official/Twitter

During an episode of Stage K, the BLACKPINK members asked some fans to come to their upcoming concert. However, the fans initially declined the offer, as they stated that they didn’t have the money to attend the concert. The BLACKPINK members then surprised the fans by telling them that they were inviting them and that they didn’t have to worry about money.

5. Suga helping former Big Hit Entertainment trainee Jihoon

BTS’s Suga
Former Big Hit Entertainment trainee Jihoon

Jihoon, who is also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee who trained alongside the BTS members. He once shared a story regarding BTS’s Suga that warmed the hearts of many. He shared that one night, he was feeling dizzy and nauseous. Throughout the night, he was constantly throwing up.


Suga ended up checking on Jihoon in the middle of the night and eventually took him to the hospital.


Jihoon stayed at the hospital the whole night, and Suga was with him the whole time. Not only that, but Suga also paid for Jihoon’s hospital fees.

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