Former Big Hit Trainee Reveals How BTS’s Suga Helped Him In His Time Of Need

He wants everyone to know what Suga did for him.

A former Big Hit Entertainment trainee has shared a heartwarming story from BTS Suga‘s trainee days.


Jihoon, also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, revealed how Suga helped him when he was too sick to help himself.

It all happened in 2011, after their daytime practice. J-Hope gathered the trainees in their dorm to share gwamegi, a dish his mother had personally prepared for them.


After eating the meal, the trainees went off to their night practice, most likely followed by a workout at the gym. At the end of the day, the trainees returned to their dorm and went to bed. That’s when the trouble started.


Jihoon woke up in the middle of the night feeling dizzy and nauseous. He unsteadily made his way to the bathroom, where he threw up over and over again.


Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door. It was Suga checking up on him.


After realizing that Jihoon was not okay, Suga gave Jihoon his own coat, and brought him outside.


Suga and Jihoon flagged down a taxi and together they drove in it to an emergency hospital. There, Jihoon was admitted and given tests to assess his condition.


When Jihoon woke up the next morning, Suga was there dozing off beside him. Suga filled out the necessary paperwork to get his friend the IV he needed. Although Jihoon felt much better after getting the IV, he wasn’t out of the woods yet.


Jihoon realized at the time of his discharge that he had left his wallet and phone back at the dorm, which meant that he had no way to pay for his hospital stay.


As a trainee, Jihoon didn’t have much money to begin with and, at the time, the emergency hospital was very expensive to receive treatment at.


Once again, Suga stepped in to help his sick friend. He paid Jihoon’s hospital fees with his own money then took a taxi back with him to the dorms.


Both Jihoon and Jihoon’s parents were thankful that Suga helped him in his time of need. Jihoon said that this day is the one he remembers the most from his trainee days.


Now, he wants everyone to know what Suga did for him.


Jihoon expressed how the trainees became his family and, like a true family, they took care of each other. The way Suga helped Jihoon that day led to Jihoon helping Jimin in the same way, when Jimin was ill. Jihoon took Jimin to the hospital, filled out his paperwork, and got him the IV he needed.


At the end of the video, Jihoon thanked Suga for taking care of him and the younger members. Just thinking about it nearly brought Jihoon to tears!


To hear more of this touching story, check out the video here.


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