5 Moments From SEVENTEEN’s Puppy Interview That Show Their True Personality

Fans are excited to finally see the anticipated interview!

Fans are ecstatic over the release of SEVENTEEN’s puppy interview as the anticipation of this video has been building for quite a while now! Once the video was finally published, fans were quick to post on social media about their favorite moments.

Fans were most excited about the combination of the four members and the adorable puppies, but also the answers the members gave to the interviewer’s questions. Here are five moments from the puppy interview that capture SEVENTEEN’s true personalities!

SEVENTEEN Mingyu, Dino, DK, and THE8 | @buzzfeedpuppies/Twitter

1. Their Love Languages

Fans got to know a little bit about the members love languages with the question “What is your love language(s)?” There are five total love languages, for those unfamiliar, and those five are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Mingyu stated his were words of affirmation and acts of service, while DK agreed, his is words of affirmation. THE8 says he prefers actions over words.

2. Interacting With The Puppies

The members personalities shined quite a bit with their answers to questions, but fans loved seeing them interact with the puppies on set! Already, there are video compilations going viral on Twitter of the members moments with the puppies!

3. Their Promotional Photos

Prior to the release of the interview, BuzzFeed released portraits of each member with a puppy! Fans love these photos because they capture the cute side of each member, and made them anticipate the release of the video.

SEVENTEEN’s THE8 | @buzzfeedpuppies/Twitter

SEVENTEEN’s Dino | @buzzfeedpuppies/Twitter
SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @buzzfeedpuppies/Twitter
SEVENTEEN’s DK | @buzzfeedpuppies/Twitter

4. Getting Excited Over Their Fans

One thing SEVENTEEN is known for is appreciating the things their fans do for them! The members spoke about their recent tour and how their fans had tons of funny signs and costumes and how much they loved to see them enjoy themselves at their shows.

5. They Always Choose Their Members!

When asked the closing question of “Which K-Pop group would you like to see do the puppy interview next?” the members answered with “We hope that we could come back with the rest of our members and do the interview all together! SEVENTEEN is always thinking about each other!



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