Cure Your PDD: These 5 New K-Dramas Just Premiered And Are Totally Worth Your Time

Hop on the binge wagon!

Are you a K-Drama addict currently going through some serious PDD — Post Drama Depression — because that one series you absolutely loved is over? While it will never be possible to understand why all good things must come to an end, worry not. More good things have arrived: Here is a list of 5 new K-Dramas that recently premiered, so you can hop on the binge wagon!

1. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class, based on a popular webtoon of the same title, stars actor Park Seo Joon as an ex-convict trying to make something of himself and his small pub in the town of Itaewon — and actress Kim Da Mi as a sociopathic genius falling helplessly in love with this stubborn, unstoppable, and passionate stranger. The series premiered January 31, 2020 and is half way through. The viewer ratings continue to soar, with the latest episodes breaking 12%, which is the second highest for JTBC channel to see from a K-Drama since its 2018 hit Sky Castle.

2. Hyena

Hyena is about exactly that: Hyenas. Actress Kim Hye Soo, portraying the role of a sexy-but-merciless lawyer Jung Geum Ja, goes head to head against actor Ju Ji Hoon, portraying the role of a dashing elitist lawyer Yoon Hee Jae — in this K-Drama about power struggles and money moves. The series premiered February 21, 2020 and has been raking in viewer ratings at 9-10%. Viewers anticipate the ratings to hike with more episodes, as this particular series comes from the producers of past glorious hits like My Love From The Star.

3. Hi Bye Mama

Hi Bye Mama has been receiving a lot of spotlight for being actress Kim Tae Hee‘s return to the screen in a K-Drama since five years ago! In this fantasy series, about Kim Tae Hee’s character Cha Yu Ri returning from the dead to find her husband and daughter trying to form a new family, the actress takes on the role of a mother for the first time. Though the viewer ratings started off at low 5% with the first episode on February 22, 2020, viewers have found Kim Tae Hee’s — and her co-star actor Lee Kyu Hyung‘s — acting to be worth keeping their eyes on!

4. When The Weather Is Fine

When The Weather Is Fine, based on a novel of the same title, is bound to be that perfect love story to fill the void you have in your heart. Featuring actor Seo Kang Joon and actress Park Min Young, both of whom are well known for their excellence in portraying romanticist characters in love, its first episode aired February 24, 2020. While the show started off with a subtle viewer ratings of 1%, K-Drama lovers believe it is only a matter of time before the show gathers loyal bingers.

5. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist has not yet premiered, but it is coming soon on March 12, 2020. And its huge line up of stars, featuring big name actors like Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Suk, and Jung Kyung Ho, has K-Drama fans excited AF. As a sequel to a popular series Prison PlaybookHospital Playlist will portray the lives of five med school grads trying to survive in the hospital where they all learn about what it means to be doctors.