Here Are The Top 5 Newly Premiered K-Dramas You Must Start Watching Now

What better time to catch up on some good Korean drama-rama? 

It is only April, but 2020 has already taken us on one hell of a wild ride. Looking on the brighter side of things, we’ve been blessed with an endless list of super-addicting TV shows. That is to say, within the first few months of 2020, K-Drama lovers saw some of the highest viewer rated shows come and go. So if your town is under lockdown, consider this: What better time to catch up on some good Korean drama-rama? And in the case you need some solid recommendations… Here are the top 5 newly premiered K-Dramas you must start binge-watching now!

1. The World of the Married

JTBC‘s The World of the Married is only a couple episodes in — but the viewers have been slapped in the face multiple times with some of the craziest plot twists already. Needless to say, with the first few episodes being rated R for “mature content”, this show knew exactly how to get the viewers hooked. Boasting the starstruck cast’s seasoned acting, The World of the Married will leave you wanting more after every single episode.

2. Hospital Playlist

Did you love the Reply series? Thought Prison Playbook was a solid show? Then tvN‘s Hospital Playlist is about to give you the best of both worlds. Worthy of being dubbed the Korean Grey’s Anatomy, this medical-but-not-really-medical drama features the heartwarming story behind 5 doctors who are the best of best friends. Also boasting a stellar line up of actors in the cast, Hospital Playlist continues to soar in viewer ratings.

3. Find Me In Your Memory

MBC‘s Find Me In Your Memory is already six episodes in, but it is never too late to start binging. (Catching up would only take, what, six hours? No biggie.) Featuring the most scandalous love story between a trusted news reporter and a beloved actress — that would actually break the internet if something similar happened in real life — the show Find Me In Your Memory has viewers on the edge of their seats!

4. 365: Repeat The Year

Though only four episodes in, viewers are calling MBC’s 365: Repeat The Year actor Lee Joon Hyuk‘s new peak. Not only is the series packed with visuals, it also boasts a solid storyline that is bound to leave the viewers curious. This thriller, based on the mildly-cliché-but-nonetheless-interesting “time slip” concept, is actually based on a Japanese novel Repeat that was published in 2004.

5. Rugal

If Quarantine 2020 has you bored out of your mind, and you’re looking for some rugged, manly-man action — at least on the big screen, then OCN‘s Rugal is your show! Based on a popular webtoon, this sci-fi series will quench your thirst with some mind-blowing intensity. Listen, if a man-with-AI-vision vs. the world’s largest terrorist organization doesn’t spark fire in your heart, then what will?