Here Are 5 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About BTS’s Jin… But You Do Now

Take notes: This stuff is bound to end up on some sort of BTS trivia.

Hello, curious ARMY. Just when you thought you know everything you can possibly know about BTS‘s Worldwide Handsome Jin, we have come to bless you with 5 more random facts about him. Take notes: This stuff is bound to end up on some sort of BTS trivia. You can thank us when you win first place. 😉

1. About His College Days

Back when he attended Konkuk University, he actually missed his chance to sign up for the classes he wanted. So he ended up taking Politics 101 as an elective.

2. About His Future Children

Jin once mentioned in an interview that it broke his heart when he learned that his legal name “Kim Seok Jin” didn’t follow the traditional Korean naming pattern — where one syllable is consistently passed down among siblings and even relatives. He then shared, when he has children of his own in the future — one daughter and one son, hopefully — that he will name the boy Yoo Sun (Liu Shan) after Yoo Bi (Liu Bei).

3. About His Body

Jin’s hands have a unique flare, thanks to his fingers being double jointed. This hypermobility doesn’t bother him much — except when he tries to use a lighter. So it wasn’t the easiest when he had to try anyway for a scene in BTS’s music video for “Danger”. He know he’s perfect, down to every single one of his fingers. But, he once revealed, if he had the choice, he wouldn’t mind trading for Jimin‘s cute hands.

4. About His Deeds

Back in 2018, Jin celebrated his birthday by helping out the local dog shelters. The organizations he sponsored include Korea’s big-name animal welfare groups like KARA. He is said to have purchased and shipped the dog food, doggie bowls, blankets, and other helpful items himself.

5. About His Habits

He once revealed on TV that because he has a strong sense of smell, he doesn’t like the smell of wooden chopsticks — and so he tries not to use them. He also showed off a personal utensil set that he always carries around in his bag, claiming that he prefers to use his own if he can.

Source: NamuWiki