Here Are 5 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Actor Lee Dong Wook… But You Do Now

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Here are some of the very obvious things we know about actor Lee Dong Wook: 1. He is really, really good looking. 2. He is really, really good at doing what he does. 3. He is really, really irresistible. But, in case this isn’t enough and you want to know more about this stud muffin, here are 5 more random facts about Lee Dong Wook that are totally worth knowing.

1. His Birth

During one of his previous live broadcasts, Lee Dong Wook revealed that his mother had a conception dream of a pig, right before finding out that she was pregnant with him. To be even more specific, Lee Dong Wook shared, “My mom saw a huge pig run toward her in the conception dream.” Considering that pigs are often a powerful symbol of luck and prosperity, it only makes sense Lee Dong Wook’s mom predicted his birth with such a unique dream!

2. His Face

Lee Dong Wook confirmed that two of his most “iconic” physical features — his pale skin tone and his blood red lips — are all natural. When a fan asked him if he wears a certain shade of lip color on set, Lee Dong Wook showed that he’s not wearing anything by rubbing the top of his hand on his lips. He then commented that the doctor once told him that it can happen to people who have a lot of body heat. As for his skin, Lee Dong Wook also shared a story of how he once tried to get bronzed by walking around in a bathing suit for 4 days in a row — but ended up burning himself all over the body and needing medical care.

3. His Hobby

Lee Dong Wook is an avid ice hockey player. He has been an active member of a local hockey club as well. And he is skilled enough to participate in tournaments as an ace player on his team. Thus, Lee Dong Wook is known to have a lot of ice hockey gear in his house.

4. His Favorite

Lee Dong Wook has a pair of “comfort shorts” to which he is completely attached. In an episode of 2014’s Roommate, he revealed these shorts — on the verge of falling apart, 13 years old and counting. He explained that it was the first gift ever that he received from his younger sister who was in high school at the time. He noted, “The shorts give me strength and encouragement, especially when things are hard.”

5. His Collection

Lee Dong Wook is a huge comic book collector. He owns over 200+ copies of comic books across all genres, including sports and rom-com. As for how his collection began, Lee Dong Wook explained that he has always liked reading comics as a child. Unfortunately, his parents couldn’t afford to buy him as many as he would have liked to own. Once he grew up and became financially stable, Lee Dong Wook went back to his childhood dream and made it come true, by buying any and all series that he has ever wanted to read.

Source: NamuWiki