Here Are 5 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About BTS’s Jimin

But now you do!

The thing is, if you’re an ARMY, there is no such thing as “getting too much information” on any member. Every bit of knowledge is precious. The more you know, the closer you feel — Right? That is exactly why we have put together this list of 5 random facts about BTS‘s dancing mochi Jimin. Besides, even if you already knew, it is fun to review what makes Jimin as special as he is!

1. His Name

Yes, we know. You already knew his name: Park-Ji-Min. But do you know the meaning behind his name? Or who gave him the name? Take notes: It was Jimin’s grandfather who came up with the name. The syllable “Ji” in his name means wisdom and “Min” means the sky. Together, the name “Jimin” carries his grandfather’s wish for Jimin to become a good person whose wisdom reaches the sky.

2. His Pet Dog

Not Tho-Soon 

Jimin and his family used to have a pet dog named Tho-Soon, though the dog has since “crossed the rainbow bridge”. Tho-Soon was a mix between the Korean Jindo and a pit bull terrier. Jimin recalled Tho-Soon to be a cute and gentle dog!

3. His Scar

Jimin revealed that he has a scar on his right eyelid — and that it causes his right eye to swell. The scar comes from a childhood accident, when he smashed into a toilet as a young boy. Jimin ended up with an open wound that needed 8 sutures to close up. While the scar used to bother him, Jimin shared that he has come to embrace it once ARMYs began seeing it as an endearing trait of his.

4. His Special Skills

Jimin has about 7-8 years of kendo training under his belt. His black belt, that is. Jimin is also that well trained in taekwondo.

5. His Schools

Strangely, all of Jimin’s schools where he studied growing up have been closed due to the decrease in the size of the student body. Hoedong Elementary School closed its doors in 2018. Yoon San Middle School closed in 2013. And finally, the Korean Arts High School, where he graduated to receive his high school diploma, closed in 2019 as well. The only school still standing is Busan High School of Arts, where he spent his first year of high school before transferring to KAHS in Seoul in preparation of his career as a K-Pop idol.

Source: NamuWiki