Here Are 5 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About BTS’s “Min PD-Nim” Suga

All UWU has been dropped over #5 🥰

Hello, curious ARMY. Just when you thought you know everything you can possibly know about BTS‘s most talented Min PD-nim Suga, we have come to bless you with 5 more random facts about him. Take notes: This stuff is bound to end up on some sort of BTS trivia!

1. His Birth

Here’s the story of the conception dream Suga’s mother had when she was pregnant with him: She had a pumpkin come rolling in through her window…! It may be worthy to note that in Korean folk culture, “things red or yellow, including red peppers, ripe persimmons, yellow pumpkins, golden rings, golden hair rods, symbolized a son.

2. His Sibling

Suga has an older brother, Min Geum Jae, and the Min brothers are pretty close. With that said, Suga shared on a TV program that his brother once slapped him on the soles of his feet with dried pollack. Yes.

3. His Favorite

Suga’s favorite character is Kumamon. According to him, it is because Kumamon “looks dumb”. In the past, Suga actually found himself involved in a “dating rumor” with Kumamon — which Kumamon admitted to be true.

4. His Sport

Suga played basketball in high school — well enough that his school friends believed he would grow up to be a professional basketball player. In fact, even when he started training with Big Hit Entertainment, he went out to play basketball on Sundays. Suga usually takes the position of a point guard or a shooting guard. In 2015, Suga scored a total of 7 points at the Chuseok ISAC.

5. His Promise

In 2018, Suga donated 20+ pounds of beef to a shelter for children in ARMYs’ name to celebrate his birthday. Way back in 2014, he promised his fans that he would “buy them KBBQ when he makes a lot of money.” A whole 4 years later, he kept his promise by doing charity work instead — since he couldn’t actually have a KBBQ party with all his fans.

Source: Namu Wiki and NFM