Here Are 5 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About BTS’s RM… But You Do Now

Do you know why his bag is called the horcrux?

Hello, curious ARMY. Just when you thought you know everything you can possibly know about BTS‘s most reliable and responsible leader RM, we have come to bless you with 5 more random facts about him. Take notes: This stuff is bound to end up on some sort of BTS trivia!

1. His Name

RM’s full legal name is Kim Nam Jun. While that may sound like old news — the point is, “J-u-n” is how he romanizes his name and not “J-o-o-n”. This version of the romanization has been confirmed by RM himself in 2015 when he wrote it down in an interview. Since then, until as recently as 2019, RM has been spelling his Korean name Kim Nam Jun. The “Nam” in Nam Jun means the “South”, while the “Jun” means “Decency” and “Righteousness”. Together, the name “Nam Jun” stood for his parents’ wish that he would grow up to be a decent and righteous man from the South.

2. His Pet

RM’s parents have a pet dog and this dog’s name is Rapmon. According to RM, especially because RM doesn’t get to see Rapmon often, he and Rapmon aren’t always on good terms.

3. His Past

RM once revealed on a TV program that he grew up in a neighborhood that is educationally competitive, in the Ilsan Province of Goyang City. The schools he attended, Oma Elementary School and Sinil Middle School, are known to be prestigious — with families specifically moving into the area to be assigned local enrollment. To keep ahead in the game, RM shared that he attended a total of 40-50 different academies in the duration of his K-12 schooling days.

4. His Sibling

According to RM’s previous radio interview, he and his three-years-younger sister used to not get along well at all — back when RM was in middle school. He shared that once, on a rainy day, he took all the umbrellas in the house with him to give his sister a hard time. Now that RM and his sister are both adults, RM claimed they are closer than ever before.

5. His Horcrux

RM has a favorite gray-colored tote by designer Rick Owens. He has been spotted sporting this bag on multiple occasions — especially in his “airport fashion” pictures. As he “carries it around like he stuffed his soul in it”, ARMYs have come to nickname the bag his “Horcrux”.

Source: NamuWiki