Here Are 5 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About EXO’s Sehun

But now you do!

The thing is, if you’re an EXO-L, there is no such thing as “getting too much information” on any member. Every bit of knowledge is precious. The more you know, the closer you feel — Right? That is exactly why we have put together this list of 5 random facts about EXO’s maknae on top, Sehun. Besides, even if you already knew, it is fun to review what makes Sehun as special as he is!

1. His Sports Team

In a previous radio interview, Sehun revealed that his favorite sports team is the South Korean baseball team Doosan Bears. Unrelated, but equally as important: Sehun looks really good in baseball caps and uniform.

2. His Go-To Snack

EXO members have frequently shared Sehun’s unstoppable love for boba. His favorite boba store in Seoul has actually been on EXO-Ls’ “Must-Visit” hot spot for years. In fact, at this location, EXO-Ls can order “Sehun’s Favorite” off the menu and try the recipe that Sehun likes to drink!

3. His Childhood Dream

When Sehun was in elementary school, he was constantly teased for having the same name as the Seoul city mayor, Oh Se Hun. By the time he reached 6th grade, Sehun decided that he wanted to become the president of South Korea — because, like, if he were to be a politician, he might as well be the most powerful one.

4. His Social Media

Sehun was the first of the Korean EXO members to open his personal social media account. His initial Instagram handle @xlkslb_ccdtks used the first name initials of all the EXO members (including the ones that are no longer a part of the team now), in the order of oldest to youngest. In 2014, he changed the handle to the current @oohsehun.

5. His BFF

In 2017, Sehun gave NCT‘s Johnny a shoutout on his Instagram, excited for Johnny’s long awaited debut. While Sehun had never personally promoted an agency hoobae on his personal feed before, he gladly hyped up Johnny because the two of them became best friends in their trainee days. Sehun — born 1994 — is actually a year older than Johnny born 1995, but they dropped the formalities and bonded a special brotherhood that cannot be bothered by an age difference!

Source: NamuWiki