5 Random Things That TWICE Has Endorsed

TWICE were once spokespersons for chicken and face products in the same year?!

As anyone who follows K-Pop knows, idols don’t just do music and then call it a day.

Another major part of their work life is by being a model or brand ambassador for various products.

TWICE is no different, even if they are Asia’s biggest girl group. While the idea of celebrities endorsing things is common across multiple international industries, TWICE does things a bit differently and doesn’t just stick to one “genre” of product.

Instead, they endorse a lot of things. A lot.

Here’s a list of 5 random ones that TWICE has put their stamp of approval on.

1. Skoolooks

Skoolooks is a popular South Korea uniform brand that usually employs idols as brand ambassadors and models.

TWICE worked with Skoolooks from 2015-2017, and in doing so joined the ranks of former ambassadors Jeon Somi, SF9, B.A.P, Apink, and THE BOYZ.

2. Nexon Games

TWICE endorsed various Nexon games across a three year period, most famously for the games Elsworld, Region of Heroes, and Sudden Attack.

Although Mina is the only gamer in TWICE, the rest of the girls sure look like they’re having a blast making the CFs!

3. Gamaro Chicken

Yup. You read that right. At one point in time, TWICE endorsed Gamaro Chicken – one of the most popular chicken franchises in South Korea.

The partnership was so successful that Gamaro even released limited edition TWICE calendars for customers who bought chicken!

4. Lotte Duty Free

TWICE also endorsed Lotte Duty Free stores for two years.

While advertising a specific chain store isn’t odd in itself, one of their commercials takes the medal for “oddest advertisement.”

There’s no real dialogue, but a lot of “yums.”

5. Bean Pole Sports

TWICE’s most recent endorsement comes from partnering with Bean Pole Sports.

The brand is known for their “neo traditional” fashion and has major international appeal (famous British producer Mark Ronson was even an ambassador!).

So it’s fitting that TWICE, who has their own international appeal, partnered with the company for their most recent campaign.

While the group hasn’t announced any upcoming endorsements for 2019, what would you like to see TWICE be brand ambassadors for next?

Source: SBS AU and Samsung Fashion