5 Rare Pieces Of TWICE Merchandise That Every ONCE Wants

These items will bankrupt ONCEs.

TWICE are known for their troves of merchandise, ONCEs who want to spend money on the girls will never run out of things buy. With so many limited releases and fancafé rewards comes a level of rarity surrounding certain pieces of merchandise.

These are some of the most sought-after items among ONCEs as well as some of the rarest.

1. Page Two EP (Chaeyoung Edition)

A special version of TWICE’s second extended play (EP) exists which has a slipcover designed by Chaeyoung herself. Not many of these exist so ONCEs who have this version of the album can consider themselves lucky.

Here is a close-up of Chaeyoung’s artistic cover.

2. TWICECOASTER Lane 1 (Christmas Edition)

TWICECOASTER Lane 1 is the third EP by TWICE, featuring the title track “TT”. Soon after it’s release a Christmas edition of the EP was offered on a limited basis. There aren’t that many still in circulation. The special edition features a photo book full of pictures of TWICE in Christmas attire.

Here is a picture of the extremely sought after album.

3. We Like Zines! Book

A limited edition TWICE book was only given away to those who won a lottery in Korea. There are very few in existence and trying to obtain one of these will lead any ONCE down a tough and expensive path. The book is full of messages from each of the members.

4. Superstar JYPNation Chillax Lenticular Magnets

These impressive magnets were only available through a limited giveaway for players of the video game “Superstar JYPNation”. Only ten sets exist in the world so if a ONCE wants to get their hands on one of these sets, it’s gonna cost them.

5. Superstar JYPNation Cheer Up Photocards

Similarly to the above magnets, a limited photocard set was released to celebrate the launch of “Superstar JYPNation” and 100 winners were given this set of photo cards. They aren’t as rare as the magnets but they’ll still cost ONCEs a hand and a leg.