5 Reasons “Nevertheless” Sol And Ji Wan Are The Perfect Friends-To-Lovers Couple

They’re such an underrated couple!

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The K-Drama Nevertheless recently aired its final episode, and it’s way past time we discuss one of the show’s most underrated pairings!

Yoon Seo Ah as Seo Ji Wan (left) and Lee Ho Jung as Yoon Sol (right) | @mooyeye015/Twitter

In Nevertheless, Yoon Sol (Lee Ho Jung) and Seo Ji Wan (Yoon Seo Ah) played a pair of female friends who realized they were developing romantic feelings for each other. Although Sol and Ji Wan weren’t the main focus of this K-Drama, their relationship totally followed the friends-to-lovers trope.

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Here are 5 ways the Soljiwan couple proved they’re the ultimate friends-to-lovers couple!

1. One friend developed romantic feelings way before the other

Every friends-to-lovers story starts off when one friend starts to see their friend in a new light. In this case, Sol fell for Ji Wan first, and viewers suspected she had a crush on her friend from the very first episode. After she refused to kiss Ji Wan during a game of spin the bottle, viewers could tell she was falling for Ji Wan and didn’t want to reveal her true feelings yet.

2. The inexplicably jealous friend who didn’t understand their feelings yet

Although Ji Wan only considered Sol a friend, she was jealous when Sol went on dates. Ji Wan didn’t understand that she was romantically interested in Sol yet, so she blamed her jealousy on feeling as if she and Sol were growing apart.

In friends-to-lovers K-Dramas, the friends usually start hating their friend’s romantic partners, but they can’t always point to a specific reason why they hate them.

3. The shocking romantic confession

Of course, for friends to take their relationship to the next level, one of them has to reveal their feelings first! Sol was shocked when Sol confessed that she saw Ji Wan as more than a friend, even though they shared a pseudo-romantic moment together while on a trip with their classmates. After Sol helped drunk Ji Wan get ready for bed, Ji Wan asked her to like her and Sol told her friend to stop leading her on. When she woke up the next day, Ji Wan pretended not to remember what happened.

Sol avoided Ji Wan after the trip, and Ji Wan confronted her. Sol explained that Ji Wan’s flirtiness during the trip confused her because she didn’t know if Ji Wan had romantic feelings for her, too.

4. The “what if we ruin our friendship?” moment

In practically every friends-to-lovers K-Drama, there’s a moment when one of the friends worries about losing their best friend for good if their romantic relationship doesn’t last. After Sol confessed her feelings, Ji Wan said she needed time to figure out if she liked Sol as a friend or as a potential girlfriend. When the two met in a park, Ji Wan asked what would happen if she didn’t like Sol romantically.

Sol reassured Ji Wan that they would remain friends even if Ji Wan didn’t want to date Sol. Ji Wan also said she was afraid to lose Sol forever if they broke up, and Sol said her feelings for Ji Wan would never change so she shouldn’t worry about breaking up.

5. The happily ever after

Soljiwan shippers rejoice! The two got their happily ever after, and they looked totally in love with each other in the series finale.

We’re glad this friends-to-lovers story had a happy ending, and we’ll forever be wishing for more Sol and Ji Wan in our lives!