5 Reasons To Watch “When The Camellia Blooms”, If You Haven’t Binged It Yet

It’s a solid series of comedy, romance, and even thriller.

When The Camellia Blooms by actress Gong Hyo Jin and co-star Kang Ha Neul, a thriller love story set in rural Ongsan, has been without a doubt one of the most successful K-Drama series to have aired on KBS. This show swept a whooping total of twelve awards at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards, including the grand prize (daesang) for Gong Hyo Jin. Avid K-Drama watchers note that the show more than deserved all that recognition. When The Camellia Blooms had been sensational indeed. Here are 5 curiosity-sparking scenes from the hit series to get you hooked on watching — in case you still haven’t binged it yet.

1. Ongsan Newbie Hazing

Actress Kim Sun Young, who might seem familiar from her current role of a North Korean citizen in Crash Landing On You, first rose to stardom with this role of one hell of a fashionista ahjumma in a countryside Korea. She and actress Gong Hyo Jin have a lot of beef at first, but as the story unfolds — Kim Sun Young ends up leading the Ong-vengers to protect Gong Hyo Jin from lurking dangers. The chemistry between these two actresses is bound to get you hooked, as you’ll want to find out how they go from enemies to besties.

2. Hwang Yong Shik’s Country Bumpkin Charm

Throughout the series, actor Kang Ha Neul had K-Drama viewers 300% convinced that he isn’t really acting out the role of Hwang Yong Shik but that he is simply being himself. That “country bumpkin” charm successfully wins over not only Gong Hyo Jin’s character Dong Baek, but also the viewers. You won’t be able to stop smiling at Hwang Yong Shik-ssi‘s most unrefined, bulldozer-like, straight-forward flirting techniques.

3. Mr. No Peanuts

This character of No Gyu Tae, better known as Mr. No Peanuts, is more than enough reason to start watching the show now. Actor Oh Jung Se is quite well known for his real-AF portrayal of quirky-dorky characters. His take on the most ridiculous, but inevitably adorable, Mr. No Peanuts will make you fall in love with him before you even realize. You’ll find yourself rooting for Mr. No Peanuts in the end!

4. Kang Pil Gu, the Son of Dong Baek

Another storyline that will get you binging When The Camellia Blooms is how Hwang Yong Shik slowly but surely makes his way into Kang Pil Gu’s heart — Kang Pil Gu being Dong Baek’s son, born between her and her first love Kang Jong Ryeol. This particular scene, when Hwang Yong Shik uses his most prized drone technology to grab Pil Gu’s attention, had viewers cackling for the entire episode.

5. The Camellia Sisterhood

Finally, the original dancing queen of K-Pop Son Dambi claimed herself a seasoned actress with her role of Hyang Mi in the series. Alone and unloved, Hyang Mi comes to Dong Baek empty-handed. It is while she works for Dong Baek, though, that she learns the meaning of family, friendship, and unconditional sisterhood. Hyang Mi’s “growing up” will definitely leave you emotionally attached to her.

Source: SE Daily