5 Reasons Why You Should Be Stanning TWICE’s Jeongyeon Right Now

It’s impossible not to love her.

Looking for a new girl group idol to add to your stan list? Here’s why you need to check out TWICE’s Jeongyeon!

1. She has such a beautiful voice

Jeongyeon may not be the main vocalist of TWICE, but her voice is certainly something to marvel at. A natural soprano, Jeongyeon has great technique and a vocal range of almost 3 octaves.

Of course, what really stands out is her pretty, velvety tone. Once you become a Jeongyeon stan, you’ll find yourself listening out for her honey vocals in every TWICE track.

2. Her volunteer work will inspire you

If you’re like many K-Pop fans, your biases are also your role models—and Jeongyeon is someone you’ll definitely be able to look up to. Not only is she passionate and determined in her career, she’s also caring and compassionate outside of it. Just look at how much volunteering she does.

Jeongyeon has been snapped lending her time to animal shelters on numerous occasions, helping to look after dogs and cats in need of adoption. Sometimes she goes with her sister, and other times she takes her fellow members along for the ride.

Jeongyeon & Tzuyu volunteering with puppies.

You’ll definitely find yourself wanting to do more good in the world once you stan Jeongyeon.

3. Her visuals are so unique and underrated

From the moment TWICE debuted, Jeongyeon never fit the typical visual standard because of her short pixie haircut. But, her uniqueness just makes her all the more beautiful.

These days, she tends to rock long or mid-length hairstyles, and recently debuted stunning blonde hair for the group’s “More & More” comeback. On top of that, she has beautiful eyes, full lips, and a figure to die for. Looks aren’t everything, but you’ll certainly enjoy looking at Jeongyeon.

4. You’ll love her cute interactions with her members

Love biasing idols who have cute interactions with their members? Then Jeongyeon is definitely the idol for you. Known as the “mom” of the group despite not being the eldest, it’s so sweet how she looks after the rest of TWICE.

Plus, she has and especially close bond with Nayeon that’s just too cute for words. These two have some of the best interactions, whether they’re being lovey-dovey or teasing the heck out of each other.

5. Her honesty will make you feel close to her

Last but not least, Jeongyeon is an idol you’ll always feel so close to because she’s so honest and true to herself. Sometimes her honesty is touching, like when she opened up about her struggles on live broadcast.

And sometimes it’s hilarious, like when she was completely blunt about Yang Se Chan’s looks on the latest episode of Running Man.