5 Reasons To Start Watching The New Wholesome K-Drama “Hospital Playlist”

You won’t regret watching!

tvN‘s Hospital Playlist is definitely charming avid K-Drama watchers, with each episode packed with so much story happening among 5 BFF doctors who save lives, and each other, together. Dubbed the heartwarming Korean version of Grey’s Anatomy, the “healing medical” drama Hospital Playlist already has viewers hooked! If you’re looking for a show to binge this Quarantine 2020, trust us on these 5 reasons to choose Hospital Playlist.

1. The Characters

Hospital Playlist boasts quite the star-studded cast line up. Featuring big name actors like Jung Kyung Ho, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Dae Myung, and actress Jeon Mi Do — and all of them in scrubs and gowns — the visual-apalooza is real in this drama.

2. The Friendships

And these 5 lead roles portray an unbreakable 20-years-and-counting bond of friendship that will leave you wanting your own squad. The chemistry — and we mean that irreplaceable chemistry real friends have — fills every second of the minutes in each episode. This show will not leave you bored. There simply won’t be time to be wasted on boring storytelling.

3. The Romances

Of course, what is a K-Drama without romantic interests? Will Dr. Chae (Jeon Mi Do) give in to her resident who keeps passing moves at her? Is Dr. Ahn (Yoo Yeon Seok) actually interested in his resident or is he being too nice for his own good? Will Dr. Kim (Jung Kyung Ho) be successful at charming Dr. Lee’s (Jo Jung Suk) younger sister? Will Dr. Lee approve? What’s going to happen to Dr. Yang — will he finally man up and confront his feelings? You can only find out by watching!

4. The Producers

Hospital Playlist comes from the genius producers who brought to you the beloved Reply series and the sensational Prison Playbook. If you loved the humor in these previous works, you’re in for more fun times!

5. The Soundtrack

If none of the above has sold you on Hospital Playlist yet, then let this be the one reason you cannot resist. The “playlist” of Hospital Playlist‘s soundtracks is as star-studded as the cast. From vocalist Kwon Jin Ah to Red Velvet‘s Joy and even Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, the featured songs will not only captivate your ears, but your heart too. Plus, the 5 leads also form a band for fun — watching these performances are pretty fascinating as well!