Here Are 5 Rookie Boy Group Members Whose Visuals Are Driving Netizens Wild

They are all certified 11/10’s 🔥

With the huge influx of rookie K-Pop groups, it’s probably difficult to get the limelight even if you’re super talented. These 5 rookie boy group members, however, are proving that just their visuals are enough because netizens think they’re exceptionally good looking. Let’s take a look!

1. Hyeongjun (CRAVITY)

| Starship Entertainment

First up on our list is a member of rookie boy group, CRAVITY. Member Hyeongjun made a splash in the K-Pop scene, debuting back in 2020 under Starship Entertainment. He is a vocal for the group but more than his vocal abilities, Hyeongjun captivated audiences with his webtoon-like visuals. His big eyes and perfectly smooth skin has been a constant talk of envy amongst netizens.

2. Juyeon (THE BOYZ)

| Cre.Ker Entertainment

Juyeon of THE BOYZ made his mark, debuting in 2017 with the rest of his members. His position as the main dancer is showcased time and time again every time they perform on stage. While he may boast some killer dance moves, it is his handsome and masculine looks that stand out every time. Netizens think that his perfect nose line, captivating eyes and boyish charm make him look more like a drawing and less like a human.

3. Yeonjun (TXT)

| Big Hit Entertainment

Next up we have Yeonjun of TXT. The news of their debut created quite a buzz as they were the next boy group to come out of Big Hit Entertainment. With BTS as their label seniors, they had some big shoes to fill. They made a pretty noticeable impression on netizens with their colorful concepts and catchy songs. Yeonjun especially made a positive impression with his milky white skin and clean image. He is another boy idol whose nose line became the envy of the public.

4. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

| JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids member Hyunjin comes in hot at number four on the list. Debuting back in 2018, Hyunjin made a positive impression with his dancing and rapping skills. With their cool guy concept, Stray Kids have always managed to excite netizens with their masculine image. Hyunjin boasts a sleek and chic image, exuding an alluring aura that captivates his female audience. Netizens believe that it’s due to his unique presence that he can’t help but stand out on stage.

5. Woojin (AB6IX)

| Brand New Music

Last but not least, is AB6IX‘s Woojin. Also debuting back in 2019, the group was able to make quite a mark in the K-Pop world, giving fans a taste of what they’re capable of. Woojin’s impeccable dancing abilities were more than enough to impress netizens but it was his perfect jawline and eyebrows that really left a mark. The two combined plus his overall good looks gives him a charisma that is completely unmatched.

Source: Insight and theqoo