5 Rules YG Entertainment Expects Their Artists To Live By

They’re not allowed to buy cars??

It goes without saying that all agencies have rules. Sometimes the rules make sense, and other times they’re a little iffy. But, whether they make sense (or not!) the rules exist and trainees have to live by them. YG Entertainment, of course, has its own set of rules for trainees to live by. Here are the rules groups like WINNER and BLACKPINK have had to follow:

1. No Plastic Surgery

YG Entertainment doesn’t allow his artists to get plastic surgery. It’s not like they need it anyway, I mean, look at this:


They’re all total natural beauties!

2. No Tattoos

Another thing YG doesn’t allow his artists to get without his explicit permission is tattoos.

Picture unrelated | Source: Andrej Lišakov/Unsplash

3. No Drinking Or Smoking

During an appearance on Radio Star, BLACKPINK mentioned that drinking and smoking were included on the list of things they weren’t allowed to do.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa drinking water

4. No Dating

During an appearance on Radio Star, Jisoo shared that YG even separates male and female trainees, making sure they even have different meal times.

(Of course, we know the YG Princess Jennie dated EXO‘s Kai for a little bit!)

5. No Driving

Also on Radio Star, the members discussed how Rosé wasn’t allowed to get her license. Mino from WINNER once said that “If we want to buy a car, we have to get direct approval from our company first.

Picture Unrelated | Source: Olav Tvedt/Unsplash

What do you think about these rules? Do you think they’re fair?

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