Here Are 5 Shocking Headlines That Are Fake… But Need To Become Real ASAP

We can dream, can’t we?

Alright, alright. Let us be loud and clear to put this out there first: None of these actually happened. But let us also point out that sometimes “Speaking it into existence” can make miracles come true. Right? That’s how optimism works, isn’t it…? So, with the help of hopeful Korean netizens, we’ve put together this list of 5 very fake headlines — all of which we can’t wait to publish IRL someday. Any and all of these could break the internet… When it does, would we be ready? Take this as a practice round.

1. “Actors Seo Kang Joon And Park Bo Gum Confirm Lead Roles In Queer Rom-Com”

Who’s screaming? We’re screaming. This would definitely re-write K-Drama history for one, finally making LGBTQ roles to be leads and two, casting two of the hottest men on the face of this planet to portray such roles. Oooooooh yeah (insert body rolls).

2. “Actor Won Bin To Return From Decade-Long Hiatus With Season 4 of High Kick

Actor Won Bin, who has not been active in the past decade since his last K-Movie The Man from Nowhere, to return in the legendary sitcom series of High Kick? If this happens… No. When this happens — because we’re speaking it into reality — this would have us glued to the TV every day.

3. “Vocalists Park Hyo Shin, IU, and Idol Group NCT 126 To Hold A Joint Concert”

Okay, so this headline actually stems from a popular meme from 2017 that went viral amongst Korean netizens. But that aside, we would actually pay good money to see Park Hyo Shin sing and dance to “Cherry Bomb” and NCT 127 to “Good Day”. That is a show.

4. “Miss Trot Song Ga In & Mister Trot Lim Young Woong Join We Got Married 5″

If you know, you know. The “Trot” genre swept Korea in 2019-2020 — with the rise of the TV shows Miss Trot and Mister Trot. Senior Koreans finally tasted the thrill of stanning with their own trot idols. So what would happen if the winners Song Ga In and Lim Young Woong signed to appear on a revived season of We Got Married? Madness. Madness would happen.

5. “South Korea To Waive Mandatory Military Enlistment For All Male Celebrities”

Currently, South Korea requires all men between the ages of 16 and 37 to serve a mandatory 21-24 months of military duty. If only, for a miraculous reason, South Korea decided to waive this period of unsolicited, unwanted goodbye… (faints in excitement)

Source: THEQOO