5+ Most Shocking Scenes From The Scandalous K-Drama “The World of The Married”

We’re only 6 episodes in, but um… A lot has happened.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

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This article reveals plot details of a current movie or series.

Alright, K-Drama lovers, let’s admit it. Never have we ever seen anything racy and addicting like the new JTBC series The World of the Married on TV. While this show is only 6 episodes in, out of the 16 scheduled, we’ve been slapped in the face like a good dozen times. We can’t stop watching though — and it shows, because the viewer rating has soared through the roof and reached an all time high of 18.8%. What is it about The World of the Married that leaves us miserably hooked? Let these 5+ most shocking scenes from the first 6 episodes explain themselves:

1. The Party

Here’s Dr. Ji Sun Woo stabbing the living soul out of her cheating b*stard of a husband because she can… on the very first episode.

2. The Other Villain

Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s patient and partner-in-crime Min Hyun Seo broke our hearts when she risked her life trying to stay with her abusive assh*le boyfriend.

3. The Wild Imagination

We shook with anger when Dr. Ji Sun Woo barged into the husband’s office thinking he’s getting it on with the mistress.

4. The Revenge

Dr. Ji Sun Woo ignited her revenge by sleeping with her conniving best friend’s husband — and we can’t tell if this is cathartic or straight up dirty play.

5. The Chaos

Oh… boy. Sh*t really hit the fan after Dr. Ji Sun Woo revealed all the secrets to the mistress’s family — and the mistress had the audacity to smack Dr. Ji Sun Woo in the head.

6. The Bullsh*t

When the husband spewed out the words “Love isn’t a crime”, we literally wanted to reach in through the monitor and punch him in his shameless face.

7. The Ugly

There is no hope left in this home. Dr. Ji Sun Woo and her husband choked each other while shattering each other’s hearts. And we couldn’t even begin to process all that love turned to hate.