5 SoundCloud Tracks Of BTS RM That You Need To Listen

His unofficial releases hold so much power.

BTS leader RM has always been a prolific and poetic musician, even back in the early days of BTS. One look at BTS’s SoundCloud tracklist will tell you that he put out many musical gems as unofficial releases on the platform.

But many fans, especially newer ones, might not be aware of those tracks. Since the musical genius turns 28 today, we have compiled a list of five SoundCloud tracks of RM that you can listen to while celebrating!

1. “Too Much”

Released in 2013, “Too Much” is an honest reflection of the pain and confusion RM dealt with after BTS’s debut. He talks about his struggles in the lyrics, from the hate he received from fans in the underground hip-hop scene to the backlash from his former friends after debuting. The song also talks about his inner turmoil as to whether this is the right path for him.

This song inspired a Mnet producer to create 4 Things, a show that revealed the hidden sides of people in the entertainment industry.

2. “Illest Bitch”

In 2012, RM released “Illest Bitch,” his reimagined rendition of Wale’s 2011 track by the same name. He rewrote the lyrics of the original song and turned it into a hip-hop love track, This cover made Wale notice RM’s artistry, and they went on to collaborate for an original song called “Change” in 2017.

3. “Always”

This self-produced track by RM is a heavy listen when you get down to the lyrics. He openly talks about his suicidal thoughts and his struggle to grasp the meaning of life in this song. In terms of the subject matter, this song reflects the same vibe as “Reflection” from Wings or “Life” from his mixtape RM.

4. “Monterlude”

RM covered “Interlude” from BTS’s debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool and turned it into a cute love song called “Monterlude.” The track showcases his impressive singing voice. If you put it in a nutshell, this song is pretty much the antithesis of “Expensive Girl.”

5. “Unpack Your Bags”

Released in May 2014, this song was produced by DJ Soulscape. RM created this song for the previously mentioned Mnet show 4 Things that featured BTS in the third episode. RM felt that “Too Much,” the track he released in 2013, was a bit too angry and raw. “Unpack Your Bags,” according to him, was closer to the actual emotions he felt at that time regarding his life and career.