5 Stages Where BTS Left The Audience Speechless

BTS performances are not ones that can be simply be “ignored”.

BTS is constantly amazing ARMYs and audiences with their great performing skills. Whether it be their live vocals, versatile rapping, sharp choreography, they are the complete package. BTS has an immense amount of performances that would leave anyone asking for more, so let’s look at a few of those stages.


1. Idol (Melon Music Awards 2018)

This stage and performance were absolutely incredible for the multiple elements that were incorporated into it. The mixture of adding traditional Korean elements and props that helped add another dimension to the dancing was only part of it. Combine that with their powerful performance of their song “Idol”, it was a truly wonderful performance.



2. Fake Love (2018 MAMA)

This stage helped showcase the group’s amazing dancing abilities and combined multiple dark elements into their performance.  Add to that their stable live vocals, a great performance.



3. No More Dream (2013 SBS Gayo Daejun)

This is an earlier performance made by BTS with their debut song, No More Dream”The group still killed the stage and showed their charismatic dancing abilities. Even in the beginning, BTS were great performers.



4. Fire (2016 MAMA)

BTS did a great job in this performance just hyping up the crowd and getting them off their seats excited. Add to that there was actual fire all over in the performance, which helped add more flair to their dancing.



5. Airplane PT.2 (2018 MAMA)

This was an extremely classy performance with the beginning dance that helps give the spotlight to each member.  Each member dances in their own style and gives an overall sophisticated look to the overall performance.