5 Stray Kids Moments That Have Fans Wanting To Normalize Giving Context

Some moments need a little more explanation.

Stray Kids are so chaotic that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. With so much content for fans to consume, not every moment comes with the explanation it needs.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know, Changbin, Felix, Hyunjin, I.N, Han, Bang Chan, and Seungmin (left to right) | @Stray_Kids_JP/Twitter

Stray Kids’ series “2 Kids Room” allows two members to have a conversation while the other members add commentary from behind the scenes. It’s led to a lot of interesting moments.

Here are five moments that left fans wishing they had a bit more context.

1. I.N is… a third wheel?

Lee Know and Han’s time talking together demonstrated that the pair are basically soulmates, with Changbin confirming that he thought so too.

When talking about times involving Lee Know, Han, and I.N, Hyunjin told the youngest member that he should have given Lee Know and Han some room. I.N responded, “I was young…even though I’m still young…”

He concluded with, “It was a time where a really couldn’t read the room.”

Since he added no context to the moment he referred, fans concluded that I.N must have been a “third wheel.” They even found moments to confirm this theory, such as when the trio hung out together during a trip to Jeju Island.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Regardless, of what I.N meant by the comment, these three are so cute together!

2. Lee Know can’t focus during practice because of butts

Another instance happened during another episode of “2 Kids Room,” but this time featured a conversation between Lee Know and Seungmin.

When talking about the members who have trouble focusing during practice, Seungmin stated that Lee Know is the worst at it. Lee Know had an excuse, though.

I can’t focus during practice nowadays! You guys are flashing your butts! And taking off your shirts. How can I focus there?

— Lee Know

Fans couldn’t get over the questionable statement.

Many fans were left wondering: what really goes on during Stray Kids’ practices?

3. When Hyunjin slapped Bang Chan’s butt

In the opening for Bang Chan and Hyunjin’s “2 Kids Room” episode, Hyunjin started with the bold statement, “You were naked, so I slapped your butt.” 

Hyunjin then gave a tiny bit of context, alluding to an incident that caused him to wonder how to talk to Bang Chan about something. Hyunjin’s solution, it seemed, was to slap his older member’s butt.

Without the whole story, though, the statement was a bit confusing.

4. Bang Chan is Hyunjin’s teacher

Later in the same episode, Hyunjin told Bang Chan that since their trainee days, he’d been the one to teach Hyunjin about sexiness.

While Hyunjin later clarified that he meant being “sexy musically,” Bang Chan asked, “Like a teacher and student. Remember that ‘teacher and student’ thing we did?”

Fans were left wondering what Bang Chan meant by the “‘teacher and student’ thing.”

5. Lee Know and Bang Chan’s deep talks

During Lee Know and Bang Chan’s episode, the pair talked about how they had a lot of deep talks when they were roommates.

Nothing was strange about the admission.

But their reaction to the memory can only leave fans wondering what exactly those deep talks were about.

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