5 Things That Can Get K-Pop Trainees Kicked Out Of Their Company

Number 1 is a bit too much.

The life of a K-Pop trainee is extremely stressful, as K-Pop companies are quite strict with their trainees. K-Pop companies also have little issues with kicking out trainees if they commit certain acts. Here’s a list of a few things that can get K-Pop trainees kicked out of their company.

1. Not meeting daily weight goals

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K-Pop companies can be extremely strict about weight. During an episode of Idol Drama Operation Team, SONAMOO’s D.ana shared that when she was a trainee, the trainees at her company were expected to lose a certain amount of weight every single day. If trainees didn’t meet the weight loss goal, then they weren’t allowed to go home until they reached it.

D.ana also revealed that lots of trainees got kicked out of the company for not reaching these daily weight goals.

2. Skipping lessons

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K-Pop trainees have quite a hectic schedule, as they are expected to practice and take lessons for multiple hours every day. AOA‘s Seolhyun once revealed that she got kicked out of her company after she skipped vocal and dance lessons to watch a movie.

However, Seolhyun was soon forgiven and returned to the company.

3. Getting involved in a scandal

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If a K-Pop trainee gets involved in a scandal, companies a lot of times will kick the trainee out. One example is when JYP Entertainment kicked out Yoon Seobin after it was revealed that he had participated in underage smoking and drinking when he was a student.

4. Falling behind other trainees

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If a K-Pop trainee’s skills aren’t improving, and they are falling drastically behind other trainees, then companies are likely to cut this trainee. A former SM Entertainment trainee shared that it’s possible for trainees to not get contract renewal offers if this happens.

5. Failing to make the lineup of a debut group

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K-Pop trainees who fail to make the lineup of a debut group usually continue training with the hopes of debuting in the next group. However, sometimes trainees who don’t make it into a debut group end up getting kicked out of their company.

Anyways, I was promptly kicked out of the company after the debut class was completed and a group was formed. The other people who didn’t make it was kicked out just like me but I still can’t believe what happened.

If I knew this would’ve happened, I would’ve said something sooner and not waited over 1 year just to be kicked out in the end.

I want to die. I am so angry… I am so sad I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know what I can do now.

Do I have to start studying? I don’t know. What if I decide to go to another company? What if all this repeats itself? I’m so scared now.”

— Former Trainee

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