Top 5+ Things K-Pop Idol Fansites Are Photographing, Since The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Forced Them To Go On Hiatus

Find your new bias here.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) putting a halt on social activities around the world, including K-Pop concerts and fan meetings, fansites now have entered a forced hiatus — with no idols to photograph. To make the most of their high-end cameras though, these fansite “masters” have gone out into the wild nature. Here are their new biases, captured in that K-Pop close up angle, edited with love:

1. The Moon

Of all the stars, the moon is definitely the fansites’ pick of visual.

2. The Cats

The street cats have completely captured the fansite masters’ hearts, with their perfectly fluffy physiques and aegyo filled personalities.

3. The Birds

Capturing Korea’s beautiful wild birds in stillness has become these fansites’ new challenge.

4. The Deer

Here’s that rare and golden “eye contact” moment, caught on camera.

5. The Horse

This preview has us screaming “HQ please.”

6. The Food

These fansite masters sure do know how to photograph the most beautiful things on the face of this planet.

7. The Sheep

This side profile is art, mastered.

8. The Dog

Last but not least, here’s the universal bias in a dapper black and white tux.

Source: DC Inside and THEQOO