5 Things That Make Korean Girls See Male Friends As Boyfriend Material

Here’s what makes Korean girls see male friends as boyfriend material.

Can friendship exist between a guy and a girl? Maybe. That one close “namsachin (남사친)” (guy who is just a friend) by your side is most likely one of two things: A male friend who’s just a friend or a great big romance potential.

But for those who are looking to take things more seriously with their guy friends, Koreans think these five signs likely mean that your boy-friend is looking to be your boyfriend!

1. When you’re the exception, always

So his personality that you’ve come to know is nice and soft. But everyone else says he is always cold and and he is never friendly to girls, ever. So why does he treat you, and only you, like a princess? Couldn’t that be love?

2. When he takes it off!

And you like what you see. Has he ever casually taken his shirt off and it blew your mind for a moment or two? Maybe it was his shoulders, or was it his abs…? Well, it was probably the whole package. But all of a sudden, he feels like a man.

3. When he lets his guard down

When he’s with you, he is completely himself. He lets you see both his good and bad sides. He shamelessly cries while watching sad movies with you. He fights you for that last french fry. He sleeps like a baby when he’s around you. It feels like he has chosen you to be his partner in crime and that’s when you realize, just how rare that is.

4. When he brings your guard down…

And he adores you. Maybe you wear something silly or you look like a baby hippo when you eat. Maybe you snore like a tank or you shed hair like a golden retriever but that doesn’t matter, he loves it. No matter what you do, he laughs with you and thinks it’s cute. Could you be that comfortable with anyone else?

5. When he is on your side, even when you’re wrong

Is he not the first person you call when life throws a mess at you? You know he will come running, listen to you vent your anger, give you a hug, and feed you ice cream. Even when you’re the one at fault, he won’t point fingers. He’ll say you’re right. Oh, how he knows you so well!

Of course, by this point, it should be clear there is chemistry. Don’t let the spark die out, take a chance!

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