5 Times aespa’s Karina Blew Fans Away With Her Endless Legs

The leggy queen from aespa always impresses with her visuals!

At 167 cm, aespa’s Karina is the tallest member of her group, and along with insane visuals, boasts incredible proportions too! Here are 5 times Karina showed that she’s got legs for days!

1. All of her journalist-taken photos are top tier!

Karina’s beauty and incredible proportions cannot be hidden even in the most simple of attires!

2. Even in casuals during dance practices, Karina’s long legs are the star of the show!

In every dance practice video, she always goes HARD!


3. She’s even more stunning onstage with her gorgeous stage outfits!

Karina is truly an ace!

4. Her Instagram photos are all legendary!

She’s got legs for days!

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5. She fits her group concepts perfectly!

With her AI visuals, she completes aespa!

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Karina never fails to stun with her visuals!