5 Times ATEEZ’s Yeosang Proved He Is The King Of Fried Chicken

He’s fried chicken’s biggest fan!

Throughout his career, ATEEZ‘s Yeosang has often been complemented for his majestic visuals, with fans saying he could easily pass as royalty. Therefore, we think it’s time for him to finally be crowned as a king – the King of Fried Chicken!

Let’s take a look at five times Yeosang proved to everyone that he deserves the title of Fried Chicken King:

1. When He Introduced Himself On Idol Radio

At the beginning of one of ATEEZ’s appearances on Idol Radio, all of the members went around in a circle and introduced themselves to a clapping beat. When it came to Yeosang’s turn, he knew exactly what he wanted to be known as:

2. When He Wore Chicken As A Hat

During one of the group’s fansigns, an ATINY brought Yeosang a giant chicken hat that even had moving legs! He immediately put it on and continued to wear it throughout the event:

3. When He Had A Fried Chicken Birthday Cake

It has become a bit of a tradition for the ATEEZ members to receive birthday “cakes” made out of their absolute favorite food. In Wooyoung’s case, it was a giant container of cherry jubilee ice cream, and for Hongjoong it was a stack of yogurt cups. As for Yeosang? Fried chicken was the way to go:

4. When He Chose Chicken Over His Best Friend

During a livestream, Yeosang was given an extremely difficult choice – Wooyoung, his best friend of seven years, or fried chicken? After a short deliberation, Yeosang revealed his final answer:

5. When He Acknowledged His Obsession

For a while, Yeosang loving fried chicken was merely a meme that ATINY loved to enforce with little snippets of him eating it or saying it was a food that he liked. However, his addiction to fried chicken became cemented in ATEEZ history when he said this during the group’s Twitter Blueroom LIVE Q&A:

What is your favorite Yeosang x Chicken moment?


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