5 Moments That Prove BLACKPINK’s Lisa & CLC’s Sorn Have An Unbeatable Friendship

They’re one of the most underrated friendship pairs in K-Pop.

When it comes to underrated K-Pop friendships, few pairs trump CLC’s Sorn and BLACKPINK’s Lisa. While people may not talk about them often, they have one of the closest bonds in the industry. Just take a look at five moments that prove it.

1. They’ve been friends since pre-debut

Back in August 2016, Sorn treated fans to one of her lengthy updates on CLC’s fancafé. But, instead of focusing solely on herself, Sorn spent much of the post gushing about her newly debuted close friend—Lisa.

| CLC fancafe

BLACKPINK debuted the day before Sorn penned her post, and the CLC star was sure to encourage Cheshires to stan the new starlet. Among many compliments, she described Lisa as someone who “deserves all the love and support”.

I have to say that she is a really, really down to earth and a girl with a really big dream. She always work hard in everything and she’s seriously really talented too… So I seriously want you guys to support Lisa like I do.

— Sorn

Sorn also revealed that the two had already been friends since they were young, sharing some precious selfies with Lisa.

| CLC fancafe

Since we were both from Thailand, we actually understood each other really well in many ways… Me and Lisa we were always there for each other even though we were in different company.

— Sorn

2. They celebrate each other’s achievements

Just a few weeks after their debut, BLACKPINK managed to snag their first win on a music show. And, despite the fact that CLC was still yet to earn a music show win, Sorn didn’t have any jealousy towards her friend whatsoever.

In fact, she shared a post congratulating Lisa on such an amazing achievement. The way Sorn and Lisa lift each other up without comparing their careers is a testament to how amazing their friendship is.

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Congratulation Lisa, can’t believe how proud I am for the past many years of hard work you had done! It had finally paid off. You girls are DOPE!

— Sorn

CLC later earned their first win in 2019, and it’s safe to say Lisa likely showered Sorn with just as much praise.

3. They hang out together

Despite leading busy idol lives, Sorn and Lisa always make time to hang out with each other when they can. Earlier this year, Sorn gave fans a little behind the scenes look at their dinner dates in a vlog.


While Lisa wasn’t able to show her face on camera, fans got to see a glimpse of the two BFFs (joined by fellow friends CLC’s Elkie and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie) enjoying a delicious meal together.

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Lisa even sweetly offered to film Sorn’s vlog so she could enjoy eating with the rest of the group.


4. They attend important events together

Though Sorn and Lisa may have got their career starts in Korea, they’re always loyal to their homeland too. In October 2017, the two idols (and several others) visited the Thai embassy together to pay their respects to Thailand’s King Rama IX, who passed away one year earlier.

5. They always support each other through hardships

Ultimately, a great friend is someone who’s always there when things get rough—and that’s definitely true of Lisa and Sorn’s friendship.

| @sssorn_clc/Twitter

Back in 2017, when Sorn revealed that her Korean groupmates get paid a staggering six times more than her because of Thai-Korean governmental laws, she also told fans that Lisa was there to talk with her about the difficulty of pay discrimination.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

And in a later vlog, Sorn shared that her friendship with her fellow Thai idols (including Lisa) is the reason she’s able to get by as a foreign star in Korea, despite all the difficulties.

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