Here Are 5 Times BTS Has Embodied The “All Men Do Is Lie” Sentiment

We thank the Lord every day for #4. 🙏

BTS is known for many things. Their powerful choreographies, meaningful lyrics, and iconic fashion sense are just the tip of the iceberg.

| Rolling Stone
| Rolling Stone

ARMYs especially love the goofy antics of the seven members. Especially their tendency to outright lie, many times in order to prevent themselves from revealing any spoilers, but we digress.

Here are 5 times BTS has shown that they’re true masters of lying.

1. Never say never

When asked if there was anything they would never wear, Jungkook chimed in with “transparent clothes”.

And while Jungkook might’ve thought that to be true at the moment…

His stylist apparently understood the assignment, because he was seen in transparent shirts several times. And each time was a cultural reset.

“Black Swan” Jungkook’s visuals popped off.

Jungkook, we think you might have to change your answer because you’re definitely pulling the look off.

2. A fake out

Before Agust D (Suga‘s solo stage name), released his second mixtape D-2, ARMYs were constantly wondering when the mixtape would release.

Suga took to VLIVE to encourage fans not to expect the second mixtape any time soon, and yet just a week later teasers for his second mixtape were released prompting the trending of “ALL MEN DO IS LIE” on Twitter.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

If only we could’ve seen Suga’s face when he lied about his second mixtape like that.

3. Pink is back

On Most Requested Live, RM was asked if he would be going back to pink hair any time soon.

RM said that he had left his pink hair back when he was on Weekly Idol, never to be brought back again.

| @EUPH0RIAL0VE/Twitter

Then much to many ARMYs delight, in the teaser photos for “Butter” RM was rocking the pink hair!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter
| @bts_bighit/Twitter
| @bts_bighit/Twitter

One thing’s for sure though, RM can definitely rock the pink hair!

4. King of jawlines

Remember when J-Hope said something as ridiculous as him not having a jawline? If that’s not an outright lie we don’t know what is!

Mr. Hobi, we have undeniable proof that you indeed have a jawline, and a really nice one at that!

| @hopesmiling/Twitter

J-Hope’s jawline should have a fancam dedicated to just that. That’s how good his jawline is.

5. The “Jimin Jacket Accident”

How could we forget about Jimin’s adorable tendency of baring one naked shoulder? He tried to play it off as an accident but…

ARMYs and the other members know that’s an outright lie!

This is frequently referred to as the “Jimin Accident,” but it doesn’t really seem like an accident, does it?


If we had as nice of a shoulder as Jimin we’d be throwing our jackets off to the side too!

This article has shown us that all men do is lie, but only true men lie with the intention of being caught in said lie by millions of fans later on!