5+ Times BTS’s J-Hope Judged His Members Hard…Not That They Minded

#4 though 😂

As BTS‘s resident cheerful member, fans don’t always get to see J-Hope‘s judgmental side.

| Big Hit Entertainment

When he does let it show, however, it’s absolutely hilarious! Read on to see 5+ times J-Hope openly judged his members—not that they cared one bit.

1. When J-Hope disapproved of RM’s dancing

With just one look, J-Hope—BTS’s main dancer—was able to convey that he didn’t approve of RM’s dancing.

2. When J-Hope called V an “idiot”

You know V is doing something rather weird when even J-Hope thinks he’s acting like an idiot.

3. When J-Hope and Suga glared at each other

Usually, Suga always wins the glaring battles, but J-Hope refused to give up this one time!

4. When J-Hope did not want Jimin’s already licked lollipop

We get it—not everyone would want to receive Jimin’s indirect kiss. Just joking, it’s probably just J-Hope.

5. When J-Hope couldn’t believe his members

BTS in one room always leads to chaos, and although J-Hope is usually the one leading it, he was obviously done with them here.

6. When J-Hope reminded Jin of his age

Finally, J-Hope had no chill when he reminded Jin, their oldest member, that he’s not getting any younger.

If anything, this is proof that few things are more entertaining than seeing J-Hope diss his members and judge them hard!