5 Times BTS’s Jimin Had Fans And His Members Shook From How Easily He Does Acrobatic Skills

His core strength is no joke!

BTS‘s Jimin always impresses fans with his performances, especially with all the acrobatic stunts he pulls off effortlessly. He studied contemporary dance at the Busan High School of Arts and was the top student during his time there. Even though nowadays he uses his dance expertise to pull off amazing stages as an idol, his experience with contemporary dance shows up when he performs difficult stunts and makes us all wonder how he can move like that so easily! Here are 5 times Jimin had us all shook with his core strength.

1. Stunt after stunt

Right after he launches himself high enough to jump over the other members, Jimin does a spinning kick in midair!

2. With a smile on his face

Only Jimin could pull off the coolest stunt and then have a huge, sweet smile on his face as if he didn’t blow us all away a second ago.

3. All eyes on him

When Jimin’s on the stage, it’s hard to look away from him. Even the camera person couldn’t help but follow Jimin across the stage during this gorgeous sequence!

4. Same, V, same.

Jimin often has his other members shook by his athletic skills, especially V who often asks Jimin to show him some of his moves and then tries to recreate them himself. Jimin makes it look so easy!

5. So casual

V asked Jimin to show him how to do a cartwheel, but Jimin makes it look so simple that it can be mindblowing. It takes a ton of strength to not just do a cartwheel but do it as smoothly as Jimin did!

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Source: Twitter