5 Times BTS’s Jungkook Made Us Ugly Cry Over His Baby Tears In 2019

Someone make him stop! (Cries)

BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook is an international superstar who wows billions of crowds and flies across stadiums — but that doesn’t change the fact that he is still the youngest member, 22-year-old boy at heart. He is, especially when with his hyungs and ARMYs, often overwhelmed with all the “feels”. And when he cries, we cry too; It’s unstoppable. Here are all the times Jungkook made us ugly cry with him in 2019.


1. January 2019

After blessing Singapore with an amazing tour concert in January 2019, Jungkook ended up crying backstage thinking he didn’t deliver his best performance. ARMYs will never fully grasp which part of the concert had been anything short of perfection, but Jungkook has extremely high standards for himself. It is going to be impossible to get over the way he squatted there and weeped his bunny tears.


2. February 2019

In February 2019, at the Grammy Awards, Jungkook was moved to tears watching Dolly Parton perform on stage. He smiled through it, as his hyungs playfully made fun of his emotional reaction — but we know how Jungkook really felt about it all. These tears of joy prove what a genuine artist he is with true love for all things related to the stage. And for that pure passion, we can’t help but cry too.



3. May 2019

During the final performance of BTS’s tour concert in Brazil in May 2019, Jungkook couldn’t hold himself together. In an interview that followed, Jungkook shared that he cried so much because he was filled with endless gratitude for ARMYs in São Paulo.


4. June 2019

ARMYs remember when Jungkook had to be collected by J-Hope because he couldn’t stop the feels from taking over him at their Wembley Stadium concert in the UK in June 2019. ARMYs had begun singing “Young Forever” in unison, and the voices made Jungkook break down like never before. That was a night he cried, we cried, everybody cried.


5. October 2019

At their final tour concert in Seoul in October 2019, Jungkook was spotted trying to fight back the tears. ARMYs felt proud of him for “growing up” and holding back the waterworks — and really tried to do the same themselves… until his eyes met Jimin’s and the plan failed completely. As soon as Jungkook burst into tears, ARMYs also gave TF up and held a bawling party.

Source: THEQOO and Twitter