5+ Times BTS’s Suga Shined In His Most Charismatic “Min PD-Nim” Mode

Min PD-nim is really handsome, by the way.

BTS‘s Suga is one heck of a K-Pop idol, but before that he first bloomed as a fantastic producer. Now, as a self-producing artist, Suga is beloved worldwide for his music. With that being said, ARMYs — who are more used to seeing the idol-mode Suga on stage — absolutely love seeing him in his “Min PD-nim” mode. Here are 5+ times Suga looked charismatic AF, off stage, in his studio, making music, and stopping hearts.


1. When Min PD Gave Us Midi 101

I started using MIDI since I was really young.

— Suga


2. When Min PD Held His Most Lively Broadcast Showing Off His Gears


3. When Min PD Worked His Equipment Like It’s NBD


4. When Min PD Played The Keyboard


5. When Min PD Did The Hair Thing In Slight Frustration


6. When Min PD Found Heaven On Earth In The US

I would probably come here everyday if I lived in the States.

— Suga


7. When Min PD Had No Trouble Assembling His Studio By Himself

Source: THEQOO