5 Times BTS’s V Hilariously Clowned His Own Fans

God of mischief who?

BTS’s V might be one of the most sought-after K-Pop artists in the world today, but with ARMYs, he is no less than a goofy best friend. And staying true to that relation, the singer seems to take special enjoyment in pranking his fans over the years.

BTS’s V | @thv/instagram

Here are five times when ARMYs were hilariously clowned by the BTS member without suspecting a thing:

  1. Big House, Big Cars

Back in 2014, V left fans in shock when he shared pictures of his newly purchased Ferrari through the group’s Twitter account. Given that BTS were still in the early years of their debut and nowhere near their current success, it was an unimaginable flex for the singer.

But the flex lasted briefly, as V soon posted an aerial shot of his car, revealing that it was just a toy car.

  1. V’s “Girl” Friend

It was April 2016 when V dropped a bomb on Twitter again, posting a photo with a friend he said he met after five months. In the picture, only V’s face was visible, while his friend’s long, lustrous hair was all one could see in it. Fans were shocked to see him post a picture with a girl so nonchalantly on social media, given the unwritten norms of idol world goes strictly against it.

But the follow up Tweet made ARMYs realize they were punked again, as this “girl” turned out to be V’s friend, musician Jang Moon Bok!

  1. The Iconic Hair

In 2017, when BTS were promoting their single “DNA,” V posted a video of him on a flight, showing his reddish-brown hair styled with rather unflattering choppy bangs.

ARMYs were convinced that this was going to be his official hair color for the comeback, but then he showed up with his real hair, dyed silver, which went down in history as one of his best looks in BTS’s career!

  1. Saxophone Master

In 2020, V treated fans to a surprise Christmas song with Peakboy, titled “Snow Flower.” The mellow, jazzy tune showed a completely different musical color of the singer. During a livestream later, V revealed that he was the one who played the saxophone on the track, leaving ARMYs thoroughly surprised!

One such impressed fan took to Weverse to leave a compliment to V for his impeccable saxophone-playing skills. He responded in the most unexpected way, simply revealing that he had lied about the saxophone part, leaving fans in splits.

  1. Enlistment Teaser

The long streak of V’s amusement at pranking ARMYs continues even now. Recently, he uploaded an Instagram story showing his chopped-off hair on the floor. ARMYs took it as an indication that he is preparing to enlist for his mandatory service since BIGHIT Entertainment confirmed a few days ago that all remaining BTS members have started the process. Naturally, the picture got fans emotional as they tried mentally preparing for the inevitable farewell.

However, the singer hosted a livestream a few hours later on Weverse, revealing his head full of hair almost intact. It turns out the Instagram story was from just a minor trimming session. ARMYs were spoofed once again, but this time, it was the most welcome prank!